Smoking Hot

Smoking HotNew York Times has given a page about the Web site of Russian rebel Aleksei N. Navalny as he has attracted a vast number of supporters and investors by exposing corruption, bribery, graft and kickbacks in big Russian companies. This is proven by the vast accounts of people who have claimed to have lost their passports as they are inspected and discovered to own different stocks from different businesses. Mr. Navalny stressed that he hates these people who seem to grab all the money from the rising oil company in Russia. Mr. Navalny is aware that he can be arrested any time with what he is doing but he thinks that with the help of the Web and by informing people, there could be change to expect.

Mr. Dan Pena is no different from Mr. Navalny. Not that he is also an activist but because he believes that by reaching out to people and informing them that they can do something – drastic change should be expected, not only in the economy but in the lives of individuals wanting to reach their dreams. Mr. Dan Pena conducts seminars that will lead businessmen to follow their dreams and make them into reality. He believes that by setting a single goal, everyone can get wherever they want to be at a certain period of time with enough willpower and mind setting. He presented that the power of overcoming your fears and breaking away from your comfort zone raises the level of success that you deserve.

Mr. Pena’s 3-day video on Personal and Business Success and Seminar is a vigorous and dynamic way of making new businessmen that will help improve the economy and formulate success from different people, and will soon conclude not only change but also improvement economically and in the personal lives of these people. Be exposed to the different self-motivating techniques of a man who has succeeded and whose industry completely dominated the business world in spite of the Recession that has shattered lives and businesses of millions of people.

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