What People Say About Dan’s Book – David Daish

Letter To Stuart Goldsmith (Publisher of “Your First 100 Million”) From David Daish

Dear Stuart,

Just wanted to say thank you for the above. I have to say that the Dan Peña book is simply amazing. Never have I read anything like it. It is particularly relevant to me now as for the first time in 4+ years I have been unable to find a further IT contract. So, I am looking at various ways of generating some income in the meantime.

What the book brings home very clearly is just how our limiting beliefs cripple us. Because of the slump in the IT contracts market, I have been appalled at the thoughts I have been having in order to get work, such as dropping my hourly rate drastically and, god help us, even considering going back to permanent work! When I reflected on all this after reading through Dan’s book I was horrified. After all these years of building up the business and now I was considering such stupid ideas?…

Best Wishes,

David Daish

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