What People Say About Dan’s Book- John Bracewell

Letter To Stuart Goldsmith (Publisher of “Your First 100 Million”) From John Bracewell

Dear Stuart,

After hearing Dan speak and reading “Your First 100 Million”, I realise he is probably the most important businessman to emerge in the last 50 years.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and Dan Peña’s holding it.

As soon as I can stump up the money I intent to attend the “Guthrie Castle” Seminar.

John Bracewell

Letter To Dan From John Bracewell

Dear Dan

A while ago I attended one of your seminars. I was impressed, so impressed was I that I bought your book “Your First 100 Million.” I love this book.

One page 47 you talk about the high performance individual. Do it right away – instead of doing it absolutely right. I had been looking for a business for a long time and I couldn’t afford the money they were asking and in any case I needed to earn money quickly just to put food on the table for my family.

The one morning it came to me like a TV screen before my eyes telling me exactly what I had to do. In less than an hour I had rough-written the enclosed leaflet, gone to the printers and placed my order. No outside help. No asking anyone else’s opinion. I just leapt right in and wrote it out. EVERY WORD IS SAY ON THAT LEAFLET IS THE TRUTH!

Far too many so called business people go into business in a half-arsed manner. They don’t give a shit about their customers – and then go out of business in less than 5 years.

I quickly acquired some customers and they are still overjoyed with the SHEER QUALITY of my work.

I work my ass off for hours and hours and hours at a time. My energy knows no boundaries. I’m a red-hot son-of-bitch. Why?

Because I intend to become SUPER WEALTHY in the not-too-distant future. Of course I can’t do it all on my own – that would be impossible. I will acquire staff ans the business grows and train them all to be MINI-Me’s! They won’t be as good as me but they’ll be damn good.

When the business is BIG I’ll sell it to the highest bidder and then go look for something else – I’m hungry, Dan Baby!

My friends told me “You can’t start a business with £30 at 56 years old.”

Well maybe I can’t, but I did! Conventional wisdom is really Pig-Ignorance in Disguise. Laser Beam Focus. I like that!

I’ve got my sights set. I’ve got my laser beam focus. I know the castle I’m going to buy. I know the country where it is. I’ve never seen it but I know exactly what it looks like. I can see it in my mind’s eye, the towering green turrets rising up out of the mist and the green and brown countryside surrounding it. I can see it all in clear techno-colour right now. When I move in I know the name of the woman who will be moving in with me. She will be holding my hand, smiling.

My Laser Beam Focus. Like I say, I like it.


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