What People Say About Dan’s Book

Dear Dan,

I’ve just finished re-reading “Your First 100 Million” as well as your recent email newsletter. I feel as though I’m comfortable enough to embark on the journey to Brownstone Corporate Industries $1.2 Trillion goal! The experiences I’ve had to date haven’t killed me! And after about 4 months of flying from company to company in the United States, interviewing the owners and reviewing their operations as a “business analyst”, everything you’ve said all along about why business owners aren’t more successful is absolutely true! Lack of commitment, nepotism, cronyism, etc….!!!!

However, through interviewing these companies on a one-on-one format, I believe I’m improving my presentation and negotiation skills, my ability to handle conflict and my understanding of the fundamentals involved in having and running a successful business. Although working for this company is absolutely not where I want to be, I believe it is serving as part of my menas to an end! Getting acclimated to an intense travel schedule and business on the road should serve me well as I continue to pursue my goals. I have a 140 IQ and I just turned 29 years old recently. I should be able to have some god damn success!! I want to be a millionaire by the time I’m 30 years old!!!

This year, knowing what I know from you and Bruce’s teachings/mentorship and my experiences to date, I want to pick myself up, dust off and continue the charge forward!!! And I thank you for your continued support of my efforts to make something out of myself and achieve my dreams! I can now see Brownstone Corporate Industries as a reality, even with some million dollar multi-family deals underneath it!!!

I’m committed to being a high performance, super-wealthy person! I’m prepared to continue pushing forward and make our net worths grow geometrically through Brownstone Corporate Industries!



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