The Best Gift

The Best GiftI have been receiving gifts ever since I was young. I’m used to receiving lavish gifts coming from my father and mother, grandparents and friends of our family. I have always liked what they give me but of course as I grew up I have come to realize that the things that they are giving me are not the things that I truly needed. They gave me a car when I graduated and also gave me more money than I ever needed. They were always so busy being businesspeople and have little time for me. Maybe that was the reason why I chose to be with people who were not of good influence. They gave me the attention that my parents didn’t give me.

Things were going from bad to worse when one day my father called me up telling me that he wanted to talk to me. He said that it was so important that I had to be there right away. I came home and saw a lot of suitcases and thought that they were going to disinherit me and send me away because of all the bad things that I did. My father told me that he wanted me to go with him to Scotland. I began to wonder why of all the places where they can send me off to have they chosen Scotland? Maybe they wanted me to take care of our farm there. On my way there, my father told me that what I would have will be life changing so I then thought that they were sending me to a rehabilitation facility.

When my father and I arrived in Scotland, we were taken to a big castle and I began wondering more what we were doing there. I just realized that it was a business seminar workshop. I asked my father why he asked me to go with him in a seminar and he said that when he was my age, he was also having the same problems as I did and his father also took him to one of Dan Pena’s seminars. The messages and the lessons were not mainly about business issues as they could also be applied to the real life. He kept on saying that people who wanted to succeed should not surround themselves with losers. I was indeed changed after the seminar and a week after, which was exactly my birthday my dad gave me Dan’s Quantum Leap Advantage Mega Pack. Now I’m a changed man. Thanks to the lessons I learned through Dan Pena!