Volcanic Ash

QLA Newsletter 77 - Volcanic AshDear QLA Visionary and Devotee,

Volcanic ash! Man plans and god laughs.

It has been over a week since the castle seminar has ended and it was a big success. I have often said – man plans and God laughs. Well, the volcanic ash of Iceland made life pretty difficult to say the least. Of the total 12 registrants (actually 2 over a full house because 10 is all we normally take) 8 made it from as far away as Australia and San Francisco. It was quiet a group and you can see their testimonials on my site.

The new system of continued coaching has been effective, based on the desire for all to participate. We are preparing for the 1st conference call with the group to check what they have accomplished. Each attendee has been given a specific set of goals to accomplish. We have 4 conference calls scheduled this year. As I have told you countless times, what gets measured gets accomplished!

As I have written, I changed the structure so we had more role-playing. Each attendee had an opportunity to put forward their project/deal/dream. In variably each pitched their deal to a pretend financial institution (those with no deals didn’t have to pitch). We went through step-by-step how to prepare you for raising capital. We had a couple silver tongued guys, but most were just like you and I (used to be) pretty humble in their communication skills.

My throat is just healing from all the yelling I did. In fact the Chinese guys who could not get here for the seminar arrived late after the seminar to discuss their deal, so I yelled at them a while for practice!

Castle Event in August 2010

Based on the success of the recent event, I am going to have another castle seminar 22 to 28 August 2010. Contact Thelma at my office for more information – thelma@guthriecastle.co.uk.

I continue to enjoy coaching and will do these events till I do not like it anymore. Unlike the *BS* the marketing gurus say, this is not my last seminar; I am not selling all my secrets in 3 installments; and I have not found the Holy Grail.

A mentee from Florida, Doris, who attended the castle 2008, has already signed up along with four others who couldn’t make this one. Doris is a very successful lady who has been following Quantum Leap Advantage since the mid 90’s when she heard me speak in Orlando. More info will follow on my site soon, but I wanted to get this out to my news letter subscribers now.

I hope to see you in August!

To your quantum Leap,


P.S. Here are two guys (who wrote me during the seminar week) who have used QLA in recent years: Tom went to one of the 1st castle events in 1996 and I worked with him for a couple years. He is a mentee of Bodo Schaeffer who was one of my mentees. The other guy is a recent devotee and I suggest you read their stories.

Letter 1

Hi Dan,

I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to let you know that I have pitched nearly 2500 angels, VC’s & institutional investors throughout the world over the course of the last two years and despite the economic downturn I’m happy to report that we are weeks away from securing $30 million of initial seed & development capital with a potential of up to $700 million in the second round. What you said is true,”If you never stop looking, someone out there will fund your deal”. I’ll keep you posted.



Letter 2

Dear Mr. Pena,

I own your first book along with several videos and audios. The information on these has helped transform me from a mush-with-some-ambition into sharpened steel.

In spite of being hindered by a chronic health problem, employing your principals have helped propel me from unemployment to today where I am now negotiating the multi-million dollar purchase of a great company in a growing industry where I will have a significant stake in the ownership as well as the top job.

You may like this. I did not hesitate even though the company is in an industry I had never heard of before in a foreign country with a language I do not speak and the target was controlled by another company in a different country, whose language I also don’t speak, that is mired in bankruptcy court. To a Dan Pena mentee like me, these issues were just minor white noise in the background. It also meant nothing to me that there were four other serious bidders trying to acquire this company. My mind was focused to move beyond any obstacles and now we are in the final stretch as the favored bidder with the bankruptcy tribunal.

Although i am unbelievably committed to make this acquisition a 100% certainty, if we don’t win it I am not worried at all. This is because I am just passing the point where instead of chasing opportunities they are starting to come to me. When important people see that you can get things done then opportunities start coming out of nowhere.

You have passed your mindset and attitude to me. I practice it and apply it and I am now playing with the big boys and about to capture financial rewards that would have been unfathomable to me just two years ago.

Thank you so much for making your methods available!



P.S. One tiny point you never mentioned is that once you start this process then family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues start to view you differently. As I travel the world for meetings many people I know have been confused; some now avoid me while others seek me out to watch or ride on my coattails; but many have started talking about me that never did before. It feels like I went from being invisible to a very-minor local celebrity. More importantly, the ambitious people with whom I want to network are now interested in interacting with me.

Letter 3

Dear Mr. Pena,

Thank you for your very quick response. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the industry is the domestic Chinese automotive & electric vehicle market.

My quantum leap is only because I continue to watch your videos over and over and over!

My mentor tried many people to move this project forward but they all fell by the wayside because they did not have my grit; reinforced and enhanced by your training.Six months ago there were a dozen people on this project, but now it is only my mentor and me – because we shy away from nothing!

Thanks again for the quantum leap!

Cheers to the continued success of us both,


P.P.S. I will be in London, San Francisco and Shanghai in the next few weeks. You can see my schedule on my site.