Wanting More

Wanting MoreI remembered the time I got my first allowance and not having to bring packed sandwiches in school anymore. I felt so independent carrying the money my mom gave me. I went directly to the school store and tried to decide what to buy. The feeling of excitement ran through me at that time. I remember that I started pointing at things that I wanted and paid the store clerk with what my mom gave me. The store clerk looked so confused at the bulk of things I bought and the money that I handed to him. He then smiled and said, “Sorry boy, you don’t have enough money for all these”. I got so confused and embarrassed as I began choosing the things that I should return to the shelves where I got them from. A lot of things ran through my head like my mom being so unfair to wanting more next time so that I wouldn’t have to sacrifice things that I wanted.

That wish has never left my mind even until the day my allowance got bigger up to the day I had my own job and own salary. I know that it’s in man’s nature to not be satisfied with what you have but the idea of wanting more makes one strive harder. That is what I learned from Mr. Dan Pena in his My First 100 Million book. He taught me about the different techniques on how to get richer and how to follow your dreams. He made clear the things that were very vague to me before and he encouraged me to keep holding on to my dream since success is not for everyone but only for those who want to be successful and who are willing to work for real success. He introduced me to the Quantum Leap Advantage Methodology and helped me know how to finance my own dreams. I was also inspired by Mr. Pena’s life story and dreamed to be able to write a book about my own success soon.

Now I am enjoying little by little the fruits of my labor. Though I can’t say that I am really where I want to be, at least I know that I am on my way there. I have also proven that wanting more is not always negative. Wanting more helps you do better and look for and try all the possible ways to be successful.