What to Expect in the Castle Seminar

The consumer market constantly changes depending on the people’s needs and wants. This is a fact which every businessman, manager, and department head consider while trying to meet the clients’ satisfaction. While there are plenty of ways that allow them to cope with such changes in the industry, there is one thing which is proven most effective – the QLA Castle Seminar. This is a very important activity which should not be missed by those who aim to earn a high marginal profit which can take a business to a higher level.

Origin of the Seminar

The seminar is named after Dan’s methodology of acquiring too many fortunes –  Quantum Leap Advantage. What makes him very popular is his unique ability that made him generate $400 million dollar business known as the Great Western Resources Inc. He successfully built it in less than 8 years during the time when energy business was at its downturn. With his success, many entrepreneurs and business individuals keep coming to him for business advice on effective techniques that will turn a business into a money making machine.

What to Expect during the Seminar?

  • Opportunity to know and learn more about the techniques used by Dan
  • Lectures on how to run the business while minimizing mistakes and failures
  • Creating an excellent direction for your business in terms of generating smart goals and objectives
  • The Quantum Leap Advantage Methodology
  • Creating personal foundation for success
  • Techniques on raising capital
  • Strategies for deal making and acquisitions
  • How to deal with obstacles and handle risks

The seven-day seminar is held at Dan’s estate, the Guthrie Castle, Scotland where the attendees can realize realistic insights of the corporate and executive world. Whether you are just about to start your own business or someone who has started long time ago yet struggling to meet success, you will find everything you might need with this exclusive event. High performance individuals are encouraged to attend!

The seminar has produced captains and masters of business in different sectors of the various industries. Many were able to learn about evaluating the potential of a certain business, attracting the most appropriate people essential for the business’s success, and managing risks and failures. All things needed on how to run a business are discussed in details during the seminar. Unlike any other wealth development seminars, this one is unique as it adds more financial value to the delegates.