Mentors and Dream Teams Make Millionaires

They all had one thing in common: they wanted to make more money, lots of money. we’re talking serious money. And Dan Peña millionaire and speaker extraordinaire was going to show them how… for this they were prepared to pay hundreds, even thousands …was it worth it? Streetwise Business finds out… It was as going […]

The BIG Lie

The world is full of people who want their ears tickled on strategies for wealth creation and protection & so-called revealed secrets to wealth creation. And there are plenty of slick “business coaches” who are more than willing to do just that. for a fee. This is the world of the seminar guru. “The Big […]

5 Credos to Succeed in Life

Dan Peña an ‘Executive coach’ and ‘Business mentor’ class apart has based his life and success on 5 "basic" Credos – he writes these down every month, along with his goals, and repeats them every day – Dan believes one must "internalize" these credos, and make them a part of oneself to succeed. These special […]

22 Penaisms to Live By

Here's a list of personal quotes I have come up with during my time speaking in seminars and meetings. Learning is more enjoyable with one-liners such as these and easier to remember. Motivate yourself and others with these short and insightful "isms". Add them to your email signatures or status messages on Facebook.   Don't […]