QLA Seminar Testimonials

James Boddy London, England

“I’ve attended many seminars. This was the most efficient and uncomfortable wake up call yet.”

Christopher Dawkins. London, England

“A most excellent day. Congratulations to all involved.”

Thea Lansdell London, England

“I found it much more down to earth and applicable to my business and my life than I expected.”

Ed Strachar. Reading Genius Cupertino, California

“My income shot up 1200%! I went from charging $800 a day to $10,000 a day.”

J.T. Golder. London, England

“It was good to experience first hand Dan’s passion and drive. A superb day with a great deal of food for thought.”

Marc Bennett London, England

“Knocked my socks off and completely recharged my batteries. No doubt that it will have a major impact on my future business career. Thanks.”