QLA Mentorship Testimonials
Errol R.D. Maynard Netherlands

The decision to go to the Castle took me about ¼ of a second; financially it took me more than a year to actually get there. But what I learnt there was Priceless. I learnt to mentally overcome difficulties that automatically come with hunting in the Business-Arena. I learnt to take a strong position, even […]

Colin Chapman Netherlands

I am very busy with all the things you taught me. Always thinking; “what would Dan do”, “what would Dan say”, “how would Dan act”. And it’s working out for us. We are still doing the deals and have raised now 8.500.000,– at banks and done the deals with it. We also have the next […]

Andrew Reid, biggest fish Big Fish Interactive Inc, Toronto Canada

One of the greatest benefits for me by attending the castle seminar and using QLA was the focus on strategy. Being in the leadership training industry , I found myself easily absorbing Dan’s philosophy and adding it to my own. But the course wasn’t a “raw raw” session where you feel motivated for a week […]

Damion Lupo Denali Companies

They say the teacher arrives when the student is ready. Dan Pena is the teacher I spent 5 years working and studying to get ready for. It wasn’t until I had spilt blood, been sued and had all sorts of bad things happen in the trenches of real business had I proven to myself I […]

Doris Primicerio

“I love everything about the Castle experience, the one year mentoring through conference call, and most of all I love how Dan cares about the success of his mentees.”

Fancsali Attila

“Year-long seminar mentor program was really great at helping me understand and deepen some of the knowledge acquired at the Castle. It was really comforting to know that you have someone out-there to rely on for unbiased, no BS advise and point of view. It was very useful for pushing me along and giving me […]