QLA Seminar Testimonials

Des Vadgama, VFactor

“I have been involved with wealth development seminars over the last 16 years with some of the top names in the industry – Anthony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, etc. I can confirm that the Dan Pena events have resulted in adding more financial value to delegates on a per-head basis, compared with any other […]

K. A. Beckmann Bear Nicholas GmbH & Co KG, German

“QLA Seminar is mind-blowing, it´s about correctly rewiring your head. Changes in overall outcome will be for sure tremendous. It sets you up for your personal quantum leap. Additionally the atmosphere of the castle is unique and an experience for itself. What concerns taught business skills – the big difference to other seminars is, Mr. […]

Sean J. Brannan Antioch CA

“…Mr. Pena’s QLA training provides a wealth of practical knowledges and counsel. The wisdom contained in one thousand books on the subject of business administration does not compare in value to actually spending time the the presence of masters. This is true in any religion, discipline or practice. The QLA training is without doubt, the […]

Björn Kukula Germany

Hi Dan, I would like to thank you from the deepest of my heart! I had an awsome, Mind blowing, enlightening experience visiting your castle seminar last week. The intense plain text you are using to transport the ultimate ‘wisdom of success’ is needed to crack old habits, set a new level of focus and […]

Dan Lok

Dan, I’ve attended dozens of seminars. From motivational seminars to business seminars, from marketing seminars to management seminars. I can honest to God say that none of them came close to your “7 Day Castle Experience” It was not just a seminar – it truely was an experience. It wasn’t just information it was a […]

Jim Ehretsman Chicago, Ill

“Coming from a Fortune 5 corporation, I not only learned things from Dan that I never learned in all of my corporate years, but I was also able to aggressively formulate a game plane to successfully consolidate an industry using Dan’s proven methodologies. Less than 90 days after meeting with Dan and outlying our intentions, […]