Jump-start your Life

Have you ever experienced driving easily on a long road and then suddenly, you stopped because your engine has either decided to take a rest or it has given up because of overuse or over heat? That’s what I usually feel, like the engine who felt overused with all the efforts that I have been […]

You and your finances

Have you ever experienced being so rich in one time and completely running out of money the next moment? Why does it seem so difficult to manage your finances? How can you make money stay inside your pockets? These questions are so difficult to answer. It is, but, normal for people at this time of […]

Wanting More

I remembered the time I got my first allowance and not having to bring packed sandwiches in school anymore. I felt so independent carrying the money my mom gave me. I went directly to the school store and tried to decide what to buy. The feeling of excitement ran through me at that time. I […]

Job Growth

The problem of unemployment does not only bother the people in first world countries like the United States and Europe but it is also greatly affecting the economy and lives of people from all over the world. President Barack Obama is said to be receiving a lot of good news since different departments, organizations, and […]

Customer-Oriented Products

When going to the grocery, a restaurant or any other kinds of stores, one thing that a customer usually remembers is how the manager or the store crew treats him/her. They would always recall how accommodating the staff and the manager was and how they made him/her feel that he was very important for the […]

Fun Seminars

Seminars are meant to be educational – yes. But it doesn’t mean that it must also be boring. One of the major problems of most seminars that are being held is how to keep the attendees so interested in the discussion that they will keep asking for more and how to entertain them so to […]