DAN PENA’S NEW QLA FINANCIAL CRISIS INTERNET NEWSLETTER ISSUE # 75 23 OCTOBER 2009 Dear High Performance Person and Visionary: It has been about a yr since my last news letter. A lot has happened with my life and the world. And almost all has been good 2 great in my life! Of course just […]

Dan Pena Taking QLA to China

Pena is chairman and founder of the Guthrie Group and other companies in Asia, the UK and USA. He travels extensively and has just returned from a trip to Japan and China. He is currently considering taking on a China based industrial company as chairman with a family that has been active in business and […]


Building a Castle We just receive a limited edition of Dan Peña hardcover book Building Your Own Guthrie. It’s 325 pages with gold leaf trim at the edge of the pages. On a bookshelf it looks more like a holy book than a business book. It looks to us as if Dan has a self […]

American guru is man in a million – and one to follow

BUSINESS guru Dan Pena is a classic American success story — and says he can show us how it is done. Brought up in a tough Hispanic ghetto of East Los Angeles, he was arrested five times, jailed in his teens and looked to be heading nowhere fast. Now he is now a multi-millionaire, living […]


hen Dan Pena was 22 years-old, he made a personal commitment to success. Now founder, chairman and CEO of Great Western Resources Inc. based in Houston, Texas, he is on the roster of Who’s Who in America and has been the subject of feature articles in the Los Angeles Times, Sunday Tel egrapli. Financial Times […]


  QUANTUM LEAP ADVANTAGE® INTERNET NEWSLETTER ISSUE # 74 26th September 2008 From Dan Peña – Executive Coach and Mentor to the High Performer. Dear High Performance Person and Visionary: Capitalism on the way up! Socialism on the way down! You only get hurt on a roller coaster when you get off in the middle […]