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QLA Newsleter # 99: Dan’s Reflections – Go to P.S. to See Me Around the World!

MY 20TH YEAR OF COACHING QLA – REFLECTIONS ON SUCCESS, FAILURES AND WHAT HAS BEEN! CHALLENGE YOUR PRECONCEPTIONS OR THEY WILL CHALLENGE YOU! I am happy to be writing my 99th QLA Newsletter in my 20th year of coaching and assisting high performance guys and gals achieve their dreams! It has been extremely gratifying and […]

Issue #98 : Dan Peña’s QLA Newsletter

My last newsletter got a few of unsubscribes – so I know I did well! Lol! As I have told many mentees in recent weeks, since my QLA 20th year anniversary I would be getting much tougher the next 20 years! LOL! Because I know how tough it really is out in the real world! […]

Issue #97 : A Man Who Procrastinates in His Choosing Will Inevitably have His Choice Made for Him by Circumstance!

Are you happy where you are in your life? Time waits for no one! The year is 50% gone! What have you done so far in 2013?  How are you doing with your year-end goals? Are you proud of what you have done so far this year? If you tested yourself – how would you […]

FOREWORD by Dr Klaus Kleinfeld

FOREWORD By Dr Klaus Kleinfeld Former CEO of NEOM, Former President/CEO of Siemens; Former Chairman/CEO of Alcoa; Former Chairman/CEO of Arconic Congratulations! You have chosen an extraordinary book that describes a step-by-step framework and methodology for building a super successful business from scratch, while attaining the skill sets of a high performance person. The precepts […]

Issue #96 : New QLA Case Study Workshop Seminar

This is a VERY special announcement! This week is my 20th anniversary as a QLA coach! In late May 1993 I gave my first QLA Seminar at the Sheraton Hotel in Los Angeles. In those days the seminar was one day 15 – 18 hours depending on Q + A. I had about 100 attendees […]