Issue # 95 : Great QLA Success Story! QLA Castle Seminar! New QLA Case Study Workshop!

Twenty-one (21) hours have come and gone since the end of my QLA castle seminar! As the video testimonials on my site and You Tube illustrate, it was an experience they will remember for their entire life! And I hope and pray all attendees are taking the initiatives they have learned! As you know, 21 […]


Dear: I am exceptionally pleased and proud to announce my “special guest” has worked out the details of his very hectic schedule of being a Chairman/CEO of a world renowned company and WILL BE JOINING US AT GUTHRIE CASTLE at the seminar! To accommodate his schedule I am moving the event two full days. It […]

Issue #93 : Dan Peña HAPPY NEW YEAR Newsletter Challenge and Thoughts to Provoke Action Now!

DAN PENA: A LIFE TIME OF AMBITION TO ACHIEVEMENT FOR OTHERS! Will you follow my challenge below? WILL 2013 BE THE YEAR YOU BECOME WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE AND ALWAYS WANTED TO BE? Thought of the year: the man/woman who doesn’t reach decisions promptly when he/she has all the necessary facts at hand […]

Ladder to Success

I have been a thriving businessman for years. Yes, there were times when business went smoothly and then there were times when business was so bad that led me to getting discouraged. It was only until I discovered Dan Pena’s Web site that introduced Revolutionary Methods for Super Success. His Quantum Leap Advantage Mega Package […]

Issue #92 : Great QLA Success Story!

I am writing you to announce some outstanding news! Our “most successful castle attendee” in recent years is a late sign-up for October Castle Extravaganza! No I am not trying to fill places! LOL! It is full and we are making room for him as a distinguished alumnus! Success does have privileges! As some of […]

Best Business Training Courses

Coming from a family of business-minded people, I have always wanted to start my own business, and getting it BIGGER has always been a challenge. My father told me it was customer care and connection that kept his business going. My uncle said I had to be wiser than my customers. My brother advised it […]