Small Business, Big Money

Small businesses are now acquiring big money. This statement is quite confusing and unbelievable but it is true. Not because small businesses earn a lot but this statement is believed to be true because according to the New York Times recent report, a lot of small businesses are still showing that they need bigger loans […]

How to Recover from Bad Economy

The previous years’ economic problems have indeed affected not only one but different countries—developing and non-developing; it has given great financial burden to businesses, both big and small; and it has affected the life of people. It has been nothing but ordinary to hear financial analysts say that things will soon enough start to be […]

How to Avoid Bankruptcy

With the drastic downhill of the world’s economy, it is not surprising that a lot of people and even companies are filing for bankruptcy. Though it is said that this is the year when recession will have finally ended, the effects of the slow rise in the economy is still not being felt that much. […]

Guide on How to Raise Your Capital

Still focusing on the tragic earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, people could remember that what happened did not only affect the physical feature of Japan but most especially the financial aspect of the country. As soon as the disaster hit the country, different economists and leaders had long predicted that the financial difficulty of […]

Acquisitions and Discussing Changes

New York Times has recently published the billion-dollar deal made by two of the biggest companies in their respective field of the present generation. It is reported that two giant companies, Johnson & Johnson’s have closed a deal with Synthes, a Swiss-American company that makes different medical device. Johnson & Johnson’s that has been providing […]

Descending Profits

The historical oil spill due to an explosion at the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010 caused great damage not only to the sea creatures living in the deep body of water but also to the economic livelihood of the people living near its coasts. History would remember it as scientists considered it to be […]