QLA Seminar Testimonials

Stanley Davis San Francisco, CA

“Dan Pena’s Seminar is worth any price if you want to find the path to achieve maximum growth presented by one who has been there…It gave me the answers I’ve been searching for.”

Bill Robb, Profit Improvers Ltd

“Dan, After I paid £8000 to attend your 7-day Castle Seminar I began to question my sanity. “Who in their right mind pays that kind of money for a seminar?” Now I’m angry with myself for not attending years earlier! The day after the seminar I wrote one letter in 15 seconds that brought in […]

Brenda Robinson USA

“I came here with the goal of finding out what that one last obstacle was that was keeping me from beginning my Quantum Leap. I got exactly what I asked for and much more!”

Kirk Robinson USA

“You lazy bastard, you must attend to change your life. This was the most powerful presentation on change of life ever. The Best seminar I have attended.”

Andrew Reid Canada

“I was exremely impressed, my high expectations were exceeded! I’m re-ignited to create bigger and better, be less compromising and make a bigger world for myself!

Tan C. Manchester, England

“23 years in business and I have had a unique experience with you, Dan. You get straight to the point – as straight as it comes.”