Still connected with the disaster that has hit Japan, Asian stock markets were mixed Wednesday, succumbing to profit-taking. Japan’s Nikkei Stock Average was down 1.9% compared to others who just went down less than 1%. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures were also reported to have gone down 28 points in screen trade. Foreign investors, who […]

Deal Making: Deal like a Pro

It’s only been a few years that I have started my business yet I was starting to lose focus and get discouraged when everything that I have been looking forward to was not falling to places. I tried to talk to other friends who were in the same business but they only told me that […]

Stocks Jump Up

The tragedy that hit Japan was indeed very devastating. What were left with what was hit were dead bodies and torn lives. What is more shattering is that no matter how the Japanese try to stand up and start again, memories will keep on haunting them, making succeeding a little difficult. It was recently reported […]

Super Success: The Steps to Success

Mr. Pena’s seminars give you the chance of understanding the Quantum Leap Advantage War Plan. It gives you the chance to be able to familiarize yourself with the business investment “RED FLAG” Check List that contains Mr. Pena’s 112 Penaisms including Sample Letters, Sample Phone Scripts, and Sample Meeting Interview Scripts that will redefine your […]

Financial Fallouts, Stocks Stumble!

The incident in Japan has greatly affected the lives of people not only in this country but also worldwide. Financial fallouts have been causing great problems to people from all corners of the world. Since Japan has been the supplier of almost all kinds of things that people from around the world use, its misery […]

Dan Pena QLA Webcast – Guthrie Castle, Scotland

Here's me broadcasting from my castle in Scotland. Download MP3 Let me know what you think. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.