Convincing Powers

I didn’t want to be a businessman at first and my father literally forced me to be one. He is a frustrated businessman who spent half of what he got from my grandfather in a business he thought would make him richer but ended up getting him to bankruptcy. He kept on telling me that […]

The Bully

You were once a little boy going around school carrying your lunch box with you. You turn around the corner of your canteen and these big hands suddenly grab you by the collar extorting your lunch box and the few pennies you have in your pocket. You try to give in because you don’t want […]

Tough Standards

New York Times reported that German banks’ conditions are getting critical. Why? It has also been conveyed that authorities of German institutions calculate the trouble that high standards for funds would bring to meet their requirements. The European Banking Authority which is in charge of giving the stress tests will be announcing how it will […]

Jump-start your Life

Have you ever experienced driving easily on a long road and then suddenly, you stopped because your engine has either decided to take a rest or it has given up because of overuse or over heat? That’s what I usually feel, like the engine who felt overused with all the efforts that I have been […]

You and your finances

Have you ever experienced being so rich in one time and completely running out of money the next moment? Why does it seem so difficult to manage your finances? How can you make money stay inside your pockets? These questions are so difficult to answer. It is, but, normal for people at this time of […]

Wanting More

I remembered the time I got my first allowance and not having to bring packed sandwiches in school anymore. I felt so independent carrying the money my mom gave me. I went directly to the school store and tried to decide what to buy. The feeling of excitement ran through me at that time. I […]