Like a Game

Life has always been compared to a race or to a game. The winner takes it all and the loser ends up with practically nothing but tears and regrets of either doing his best but still failing or not doing his best resulting to his present failure. We were all considered winners since we were […]

Paving the Way

Succeeding in a certain field has never been easy. I have tried all possible ways to be able to know why there are people who try their best but still seem to be going nowhere. While some people seem to be succeeding easily, others don’t. My father is one of those lucky few who have […]

The Best Gift

I have been receiving gifts ever since I was young. I’m used to receiving lavish gifts coming from my father and mother, grandparents and friends of our family. I have always liked what they give me but of course as I grew up I have come to realize that the things that they are giving […]

Slacking Off

They say that “too much of something is bad”. It has always been difficult to manage things that you have, especially your finances and it has always been that way for people who choose to slack off and not do anything but wait for some miracle to happen. Well, I’m one of those people who […]

“Pay Day”

“I’m short”. Not that I’m talking about my height but that’s what I always catch myself saying. I have been working hard all my life but seem to not have enough money to support myself, much more my family. I don’t know what to do and always wonder why I always look for someone who […]

Getting out

I was always the one being bullied when I was a young kid. I remember Big Mike getting all of the candies I received as a gift for my birthday and he would always take a bite of my sandwich and get all of it when he liked it and left me with the rest […]