What to Expect in the Castle Seminar

The consumer market constantly changes depending on the people’s needs and wants. This is a fact which every businessman, manager, and department head consider while trying to meet the clients’ satisfaction. While there are plenty of ways that allow them to cope with such changes in the industry, there is one thing which is proven […]

Smorgasbord in the Business

One of the worst scenarios a customer encounters is when he's in the midst of shopping in a market surrounded by the same kind of stuff he needs that keeps him confused which ones are better and which are not. While some would simply base their choice on the brand, others would depend on the […]

Business Success Seminar: Seminar for Life

Dan Pena’s Personal and Business 3-Day Seminar in audio/MP3 presents Quantum Leap Advantage Methodologies for personal and financial success in details. The 17 tracks run about 21 hours and they're all intended for entrepreneurs and business individuals. These MP3 files are accessible online and in your local computer. You can play them anytime, anywhere, and […]

Issue #91 : Are You Ready For Super Success?

Greetings from what some people call paradise – Bali – celebrating my birthday! And no one can believe how old I am! Lol! I appreciate all the emails, tweets and FB messages! Sometimes I forget how many people I have touched in one way, or another!  Unlike many, I work on this special day though […]

Issue #90 : Attitude Is Everything!!!

Having had 3 weeks in Africa, getting up at no later than 5 a.m. to trek after exotic animals, I was surprised, I started to grow tired! Hell, I was having a great time seeing animals up close! Some animals you only see in photos, on Animal Planet, or at zoos. Many of my photos […]

Issue #89 : Dan Pena QLA Newsletter From Singapore

Hope you’re all enjoying my Facebook posts and Tweets of recent weeks! As I have written, I have taken over the 2 accounts myself. It has proven easy, though some of you have said my cryptic writing has been less than easy to read at times!  As I have written in Tweets, I spent 3 […]