Budget Cuts during Economic Recession

The New York Times has recently reported the loss of almost $38 billion in Obama administration. The government is of course trying its best to gain the trust of the people due to the ailing economy that they have been trying to live up to for the past few years. Despite plans for budget cuts […]

The Passage to Business Success

Most people especially the ones who want to endeavor and go into enterprising have difficulty knowing where to start and what course to take to be able to make sure that they are going to the right direction. Most people, not wanting to suffer so much and undergoing a lot of trials would always want […]

Cutting Out: Waiting for things to turn out well

The Wall Street Journal reports that on Wednesday, as the government of Japan came up to the idea of calling for business to come up with their own energy-saving plan to avoid the massive blackout that they are planning to do this summer to be able to save 25% of the electric industry, Hiromasa Yonekura, […]


Portugal has been in great trouble for the past months having trouble with both their financial and political status. New York Times has reported that the government of Portugal has joined Greece and Ireland as some of the countries who have sought international financing after trying their best to recover their economy for months. The […]

It Pays Off

Wall Street Journal pays tribute to Henry Taub who has founded the world’s largest payroll firm. He started and struggled from a two-man office that was serving 550,000 clients in 100 countries, having one-sixth of these companies are from the United States. Growing up in a simple family, having a father who lost his job […]

Hospitality Businesses

Diane Cardwell of New York Times wrote a story about Riccardo Romero whom, four years ago, could not find anyone, even banks to finance his dream job, a restaurant. He then has nowhere to go making him to Accion, which is a nonprofit micro lender to small businesses in Astoria, Queens. He was able to […]